Pretty Parade Boutique

Hollie Tree Raspberry, Cherry & Fig Drops Melting Pots


Discover 200 hours of sweet, mouthwatering scent with Melting Pot wax melts. Let the gentle, inviting smell fill your home for hours of aromatic bliss.

Hand poured in Yorkshire, Soy and Paraffin wax free, our vegan friendly luxury wax melts are made from a blend of coconut and rapeseed wax which means that you can be kind to the environment as well as being kind to yourself.

To use

  • Our wax melts can last up to 200hrs, depending on the burner, number of melts used and other environmental factors.
  • Using a smaller burner will give a much more intense scent but will not last as long, using a taller burner will give a more even scent which will last longer.

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